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Based on reviews it appears to be a potentially Bearing issue. Not sure what it is. Since the noise started The car has not been driven. I use 0'w 40 mobile synthetic oil. Can somebody please help with trouble sh...
like emergency brake is on. I tried to release it under steering column with key. also say brake lining is at minimum. I just got pads replaced. mechanic said it just needs to be reset. because car went dead had to ge...
also have a muffled sound when pulling off.when I take off from a standstill,thats when smoke is evident,especially if imash harder on the gas pedal
wont start and parking brake not drivable light shows up makes clicking sound
battery has juice but wont start and something about brake malfunction shows up
My car must be started several times raising the engine before it gets properly powered, else the "engine malfunction" signs comes on and it won't pull.
when starting car,i have white smoke from exhaust.also when pulling off from stop light and when baclking up aftyer sitting a few seconds
is there a recall for oil leakage for the 745 series?