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I have change the coils plugs cam shaft sensors 02 sensors, But I cant rid of these codes p0363isfire detected fueling disable, p1343 misfire cylinder 1 with fuel cut off,p1347 misfire cylinder 2 with fuel cut off and p1345 misfire cylinder 3 with fuel cut off. Now I am going to replace the fuel injectors to see if that will fix the problem

Passenger seat wont move backwards only forward

Intermit transmisn failure

My 19yr old son was was working and doing great and I bought him a 745i . Stupid I know . But he got a DUI and has no license and refuses to give me the key and continues driving it . So I need to figure out a way to make it not run . Can someone please help me out ????

Replaced ccv and clean maf and throttle body codes still come back. Car has 142k

I wont to replace the purge valve and the location of the purge valve and are the purge valve and vapor canister purge solenoid the samething

This is the first time I am experiencing an issue with my fuel indicator after 170,000 miles put on my vehicle. There isn't a way to see how much fuel is in my tank now because it will show that it is empty even after filling the tank up all the way.

The alternator is fine but there is a drain somewhere on the car.

all my dashboard lights that turns with the ignition switch, stays on after my car is running. Also my brake light work fine when the engine is off, but stays on when it is running. Any ideas to tackle this electrical problem?

Im trying to replace the battery then fix my sensor problems.

as soon as it is fully open it begins to close

the 1st two read adaptive, while the last( could be 275-d ) reads idle dropout

How do I get my car to go onto drive if it does not shift when I put it into gear from park ?

my low beams only function in the parking light position is it the dimmer switch or could it be something else. In the auto light position the driver side has no lights just the halo and the passenger side has high beam just the outer light, but when I put the parking lights on I have low beam both sides but high beam will not work in this position. Please help I have a citation with 30 days to fix it. thanks

all other controls work properly on passenger seat

I need to replace the driver side rear view mirror on my 2004 BMW 745i but need to know if it is auto dimming and heated. It does move up and down when I back up. I know it is not self closing.

I was driving with my window down like always and randomly look back to see that my window visor was a bit loose and when I pressed the button to retract it in, It only goes back down and in but leaves the whole visor hanging outside.