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After car gets warm it cuts off.I can crank it back up but keeps turning off.
I was driving and had to turn back home the car lost power if you please would let me know what you think it is I would really apreciate
Nothing in the of the dash works the button of the flashers nor the heat
I've notice water on the floor on passenger side and would hear the sound of water at the center console moving back and forward. Where is it coming from and how do I fix it?
Car has black heavy smoke after driving a few miles; very obvious at stops.
I have a new battery and alternator.
Also codes C- 27D5 Failure within the Idle-Speed Control, 272C, 272D LR - Adaption Additive per-time and per- time (Bank 2) My A/C is still cooling, my car is not running hot. How do I address these codes?
It jus says power module malfunction,engine failure loss/lack of power I took the battery off then put it back on now the inside lights are blinking on and off.... Please help... I just bought the car..