engine light came on soon lost compression no power to gas peddle won't stay cranked just started this yesterday never had problem before drove to church fine coming home on freeway started losing conpression .

What parts have to be removed to replace the rubber/felt window guide. Thanks.

i have been trying to locate the engine number but without succeeding

Sometimes now when I am turning a corner or speeding up after a coasting roll and press the gas the transmission seems to pause before catching. could the transmission be about to go? how do I change the fluid on this none service unit? Also,the check engine light comeson upon start but does not comeback on after reset code. Code is secondary air intake. HowdoI repair this I do most of the maintenance on my vehicles to save on costs.

during opperation interior lighting and tilt steering activate on their own. like it is possessed

program error


i was told to replace air flow sensor because car cuts off when i am idling but runs great when i am driving

How much should it cost to repair both control arms in the rear of the car?

I have a problem with my electronics in that my power steering and door locks to include trunk locking mechanism and all interior lighting don't work. The moonroof and windshield wipers are also inop. The drivers window still works to include mirrors. Maybe a general module?

i want to replace by mi self but i need the right diagram to put the timming chain on time, where can find this.

I change Camshaft Position Sensor bank 1 now I here some noise that I think come from chain.

should I pay the 3,000 for timing chain or get a new car? also how many people have had the tranny go right after engine repair?

what cause trans.failure prog for bmw 740i model 1999