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when u turn the key to start the car sounds like it wants to turn over but jist cant
I am having a problem with the power steering it is foaming and coming out the resolver not sure if was supposed to put power steering fluid or ATF or brake fluid
engine light came on soon lost compression no power to gas peddle won't stay cranked just started this yesterday never had problem before drove to church fine coming home on freeway started losing conpression .
What should I particularly look for in order to determine if it has been properly looked after and what are the critical areas? Thanks
I was disconnecting and reconnecting my battery every night and then in the morning to be assured the car would start. All of a sudden the car doesn't even want to turn over. Have I damaged the electrical system on ...
The lower pulley tomthe serpitine belt broke how much willmit cost to fix
my instrument panel had displayed that my brake light was on before the wiring connection going to the plastic component started to gushed smoke.
replaced spark plugs,TPS, and accelerator cable, but still not shifting as timely,or smoothly and idle, while improved quite a bit, is still getting "hung-up"(RPM stays high when braking then goes low in increments ti...
My car detailer was replacing the passenger mirror and my trunk stopped opening. I had to buy the master key in order to get the trunk unlocked. There was only a few items in the trunk. My truck unlock buttons are ...
My car is only going about 5 miles an hour when i push the pedal to the floor.
the park light stay on all the time when i shut the car off and lock the door i have to remove the number 55 fuse in the trunk for the light to go off and not kill my battery ive being reading about the gm 111 but i r...
The little lights that have info on the bottom of the dash board.
What is the average cost to repair a carrier bearing?
I had my car jumped from the battery. I heard this could mess up the battery module sensor. if so how much is this to fix?
need to know what all you have to take off to change the blower motor
What parts have to be removed to replace the rubber/felt window guide. Thanks.
BMW cuts off while driving but starts back up. This occurs every time I drive.
I recently purchased this car. The warning light was frequently on while driving. The engine is being removed and opened for cleaning (110,000 kilometers). The sludge and baked on deposits on the sump pan and valve co...
where are fuel pumps and fuel filters located on above model please show diagram
it takes a few seconds to start, battery is good, but it seems to need more gas, when hot, it gets worse. i am thinking fuel filter or regulator or ultimately a failing fuel pump. I cannot even find the gas filter. c...
Both trouble codes are slow response pre cat sensors what to look for