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I am having a problem with the power steering it is foaming and coming out the resolver not sure if was supposed to put power steering fluid or ATF or brake fluid
my instrument panel had displayed that my brake light was on before the wiring connection going to the plastic component started to gushed smoke.
What is the average cost to repair a carrier bearing?
I recently purchased this car. The warning light was frequently on while driving. The engine is being removed and opened for cleaning (110,000 kilometers). The sludge and baked on deposits on the sump pan and valve co...
where are fuel pumps and fuel filters located on above model please show diagram
BMW 740i 1994 Stock wheels, tires are 225 55 R16 95H. Problem found when rotating tires. I haven't been able to find an answer. If it's a tire size, what is the correct size? No record of an accedent.
Is it a seperate part that you have buy 2 of the or 4?
Got in on passanger side of but it would not crank up.
Got in on passanger side but car would not start/ What do I need to do?
this is a very simple straight forward question. why do you want to garbage it up with unneeded words.
my bmw engine was change sence than my transmission program lights came on now it want even move at all or engage at all what is wrong here everything is hook up dont seem like any power in going to the transmission a...
transmisson shifts slow drags down when shifting
I'd like to buy this BMW 740i for my daughter. It needs a new front bumper, and perhaps a front drivers side panel; any ideas what I'm looking at in repair costs?
any idea how gas is getting in the oil? i'm guessing poor combustion in chamber or too rich getting down cylinder walls any ideas out there?
In the old days there was a vacuum modulator on the outside of most automatic transmissions. Is there one on this BMW model.