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how can I get the diagnostic codes from my computer
where is the computer alarm box located on the 1993 bmw 740i
how to get sparks to the spark plugs and how to get fire to the fuel pump
how to i get fire to the fuel pump
I have a 93 740i that I got from a little old man and woman. They serviced the car exactly on time and by bmw service e center. Only 134,000 miles on it. But it seems that the transmission takes off sluggish. When I...
my car is starting to shift hard, it seems to act like it wants to downshift or jerk while slowing down or even while just making a simple right or left hand turn.
Vehicle starts but dies unless accelerator feathered. In gear, barely moves when accelerator pumped vigorously. Will occasionally develop rpm's but rapidly deteriorates.
when i raise the back of the drivers seat it does raise on the right but the left side seems broken/stuck so it is sort of twisting what can i do to fix right now?
what type of power steering fluid do i need
where are my speakers located how many of them are there'
i have a crackling sound at the front end when i drive my car over 45 it shakes so hard and after that its ok again but theres a lot of cracking sounds how much to repair and what is that sounds