Iam having, trouble opening hood and I also want to do oil change and ha ve no idea how it is is different from other cars I have had

Fuel gauge stay on empty. Change sending unit on drivers side tank checked voltage to sending unit. Ps new unit Installed

Burglar alarm goes off when car is parked and locked (for no known reason). We've tried spraying wd40 on all latches but this has not helped. Any suggestions?

changed water pump and thermostat, and the front fan does not seem to be running .

my 540i 1998 is over heating and the fan may not be working any advise, it only does this when I am sitting in the drivethur

I took the battery out for about 2 months I charged it put it back in now it crank but don't start

i have no idea what add mixture limit reached Bank
plz help.

soon as u start up clouds of smoke


i replaced it cleared the code and it came back and the airbag light is always on as well as the one that is a triangle with a circle around it....

trouble codes 100, 306, 1585

also heater is not working properly

and its still not driving right what could it be

i have a 1998 540i 6 speed the battery is disconnected and trunk and doors were locked and now with battery to car disconnected im unable to get n car . key wont unlock it had locksmith try to open it by pulling on doorhandle lock would come open but then go down. i read somewhere u can pull fuse from underneath car to disarm alarm do u know what else i can try! HELP ME PLEASE