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It sputters and engine light flickers... Just put in transmission and cam sensor.... Engine code on sheet says 147... Electronic thermostat... The car dies after driving a mile in road like it's not getting any fire...
It shakes very bad when I drive at 60mph.
When jump started, car will crank but no start. any tips please?
the entire right suspension has been replaced including shocks. strangely when car is lifted off the ground and put back on ground the noise goes away. after car heats up noise reappears. the ideal situation would be...
Already replaced the gasket and the mechanic indicates that the intake manifold is cracked.
I've replaced radiator, alternator and now I belive my water pump needs replaced. Only had this car a year and purchased it w 108,000 now has 134,000. It seems never ending w coolant leaking problems. What causes the ...
After adding tranny fluid to my 97 540i it started making a ticking noise. Anyone have any ideas what it may be. Thank you
When the car is cold the tranny doesnt engage properly, its ok once its warm. I had the car towed in July and it has been leaking a little since then but the tranny just started acting weird. Im sure it needs fluid bu...
why my heater don't get hot
the a/c get cold.
bought the used BMW 540i without owners manual .... appears to have no dipstick.
There is a knocking noise coming from the bottom of my car and when I push the clutch half way, I dont hear the noise again. What could it be?
I have a BMW 2000 540i and one of the keys I can use to manually unlock the car door, the trunk and start the engine but the other key doesn't work. It can unlock the car door manually but when I put the keys in the i...
Purchased 1 week ago. noticed white smoke on start up. saw more smoke during stop and go traffic this morning. at lunch the car would not crank but tries to turn over. added gas just in case bc the hand was showing ...
The problem is now becoming normal especially driving on hot days. Someone had mentioned to me, guard chain - OK, I don't know what that is, but I did the search. Can anyone help?
changed water pump and thermostat, and the front fan does not seem to be running .
my 540i 1998 is over heating and the fan may not be working any advise, it only does this when I am sitting in the drivethur
My window motor went out and I need to fix it. Can some one out there please tell me how to change the window motor by itself or do I have to change the regulator to.