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Driving a 2008 528i bmw with 148240 miles. I’m seeing the transmission malfunction light when I slow down and start to pick up speed again.
i went the shelly bmw..they said you change the ignition coil. so replaced the six coils. But still light on and off.also they checked oxyen sensor.oxyen sensor workig good.my local mechanic said lazy oxyen sensor.....
i press the brakes try to shift the stick and it wont leave from park
i found oin in my cooling system and i wanted to replace it with new whats the proper way to install new colant? knowing that the water pump can run at several speeds? thank you
My car's display(idrive) cannot come up. It sometimes comes up after a while and sometimes it cannot. I tried the 3-finger reset but it doesn't work.
my first bmw,how to change the transmission fluid? how many miles should i change it?
my first bmw car ,how many miles should i change engine oil? can I use any brand or walmart brand full synthetic engine oil? how many miles should i change the transmission fluid ? can I use any brand or walmart bran...