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Car goes into the red sometimes And overheats if sitting too long running
Even with the fuse 30 removed the system when off 'on its own' - any demon removal tips? Removing this fuse disabled the ABS, and traction control (not good).
Recently had new alternator and battery installed after car died on highway. After repairs, car stalled intermittently when slowing down either in a turn or straight.
there are no leak - when I release the pressure after the radiator cools down and add a little water from the pressure released it no longer goes to the red overheating mark
I was told by the dealership that my car was running poorly because the vehicle has 6 bad ignition coils and 6 bad spark plugs. The car only has 37,462 original miles. It's about a $1,700.00 job. I explained my situat...
Car has 65,000 miles and the tech says the belt is no longer centered due to the wear of the tensioner.
I have no blue tooth, no audio for navigation no cd because of lack of audio. How much does it cost to replace an amplifier
I can reset the computer and it all run good for a few min. and loose power again.
Engine very noisy as the main blower fan runs continuously after warmed up or about 10 minutes of running.
I've been driving it for a week since the check engine light came on, I tried to go out today and wouldn't start. No crank, no lights, nothing just dead. I called for a jump figure it was the battery. When I attached ...
sometimes my a/c stops working, dash warning lites stay on, radio stops working,steering wheel goes up and down,and overhead map lites stay on.
The car has no power at all no lights gauges etc. It had some repair work done on the brakes and when we went to start it, it lit up but as soon as the starter began to engage, car went black. We believe it was the ...
I just went to start in my 2000 bmw 528i when i got back it was idling ruff so i turned it off ehen o tried to crank it won't start but all the lightz come on
I have a 2000 BMW 528 I when I press the gas the car sputters and wont take off?
Just bought it it's my first bmw can someone please help