2000 BMW 528i Questions

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Also makes like a loud vent noise as well when so accelerate?? Help please??

My mpg and speedometer not working and I think this is the problem

after have bought my bmw when do i need to replace the gearbox oil.after how many years or miles.

While driving, the steering column will move all the way down to the lowest setting. I try fighting it, but it just won't stay where I set it.

And the front left tire rumbles when coming to a slowing stop of 29-25 or higher. I don't know what's going on! Help?!!

Anyone have bench bleeding technique for the master cylinder since I have to remove it to get the booster out.

A wire runs from it to the throttle control. The engine will not go over 2000 rpm with it connected or not. The engine has a lot of miss fires trying to reach 2000 rpms

Cleaned the icv. It was still in limp mode. All kinds of lights on in dash after clearing computer just Mel and service engine soon light and into limp mode can clear computer and it runs ok for awhile

It spontaneously shuts off and then turns back on 10 minutes later or maybe an hour later. And never stays on when its raining. And when it does come on, it never blows cold air. Its hot in SC, someone help a brother out please. How can I fix this?

Recently had new alternator and battery installed after car died on highway. After repairs, car stalled intermittently when slowing down either in a turn or straight.

I just went to start in my 2000 bmw 528i when i got back it was idling ruff so i turned it off ehen o tried to crank it won't start but all the lightz come on

I have a 2000 BMW 528 I when I press the gas the car sputters and wont take off?