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Even with the fuse 30 removed the system when off 'on its own' - any demon removal tips? Removing this fuse disabled the ABS, and traction control (not good).
I can reset the computer and it all run good for a few min. and loose power again.
I've been driving it for a week since the check engine light came on, I tried to go out today and wouldn't start. No crank, no lights, nothing just dead. I called for a jump figure it was the battery. When I attached ...
sometimes my a/c stops working, dash warning lites stay on, radio stops working,steering wheel goes up and down,and overhead map lites stay on.
Te car is stuck in high gear, no back up lights.....
Hi today I notice smoke coming out of my tailpipe exhaust come to find out my friend put to much oil.my question is how long will smoke keep.coming out of my tailpipe exhaust?
Hi I just found out today I have a cracked radiator.my question is can I still drive my car.
i had diagnosis via O'reilly for check engine light... received codes PO 116 and PO code 733 (just saying)
Hi, I Purchased a 1999 BMW 528I and all was running well until the other day... I drove an hour to work and when I was leaving the car wouldn't start..it cranked but wouldn't turn over. I brought it back to the pl...