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The heat and air barely blow and not all sometimes
Warning lights comes on it's say stop and let cool and it's starts up and run fine for all day and then sometimes it run hot during a drive on hwy. @ speeds 65 to 75 mph. And sometimes I have to put coolant in it
coolant temperature high and when stop the engine and switch on again alarm disappeared and after 30 minutes it comes again and then I have to switch off the engine and start again and go on
Car would not start yesterday morning, the initial symptoms pointed to a under charged battery, I replaced the battery (under warranty) and the car still will not start. There is a click noise when you press the start...
whats the cost for replacing a valve cover gasket for a bmw525i
My battery was recently replaced in my 525i (a couple months ago). Earlier this week, I tried to start my car, and it sounded like another dead battery. It finally cranked, but when it did, multiple messages appeare...
The location of the idle air control valve.
There was a recall on defective seat mats (Passenger airbags) on 2004-2006 525i models that came out in 2008. 2007 models were not included. Repair at a dealer is $2500. Ouch! I was just hoping there were others that...
My passenger airbags don't function because of a faulty seat mat. There was a voluntary recall for 2004-6 525i models in 2008. There was no recall for 2007 models. It is an OC3 mat in the passenger seat. Maybe, there...
can I change it myself and reset the cabin filter sensor
Im hearing a tapping noise from the top of the motor when car is idiling ! Had car service to my local BMW Dealership , pushrods and lifters were changed! car has 60,000 miles on it . Strated car today ,can hear the s...
suspension problems, bolt joints, bushings, and sensor on the rack and pinion
A musty smell comes from the vents when you first start the engine. It doesn't stay long. Or at least I don't notice it.
I had my oil changed and brake fruid changed. How do I reset it?