All dashboard analog gauges do not activate after the car has been running for about 30 seconds. My BMW mechanic is stumped on a possible cause. This occurs every time I start the car and has been like this for over two years.

Tried disconnecting the battery feels like a wire behined engine cause i moved the wire and it plays

M50 engime

Want to its fuel consumption on daily run around

any one know what it could be and how much I will be looking to spend

I checked the fuse's in the glove box and the fuse's in the trunk , they were good " what could I try next ? Relay's?

The car is a product of sitting up and it has a total loss of power at the drivers bay,seats instrument panel,or other powered add on.The odometer,tach ometer are out,and not working at al?Thanks for help,thanks.

Dash mileage not showing. No light

The last few days I haven't been able to turn the key at all. I've tried making sure the steering wheel isn't locked, I've tried spraying out the hole with air to clean it. It's like something is sticking. Sometimes my husband can start it. But it takes a couple tries. I feel like I have to be the hulk just to turn my car key.

After high acceleration, low oil pressure warning came on and engine cut off. No start, engine cranks but no start. What are the possible causes ? Blown engine?

Can body work repair an area of the car that's been swiped by another vehicle.. There's a crease in the door

Is there a way to make this car Bluetooth compatible ??

I have filled the coolant but the engine is over heating. Does the radiator have another filling area?

it makes a noise coming from the rear of the car when I put it in gear but wont catch to take off

The car shakes a little when started but then runs smoothly wanted to know what causes that and what can happen to car if not attended to

No heat at all even when I turn it to 90•. Plus my outside temp always says -40. I don't care about the temp i just want heat but could that be the problem?

Started with turning off in cold mornings after a couple of ninutes, I had this problem for like a week after las week one morning the idle start acting Crazy and non stop from 1000 RPMs to 1500 rpms and I am wondering if is TPS sensor or MAF please help

So the "Check Brake LIghts" warning has come on. I have no brake lights at all--either left, right, or center. I checked the bulbs in right and left light assemblies. I checked and even replaced the brake light fuse located in the glove box. The problem is still there. Please advise.

I just bought a 1991 bmw 525i and it just will not go in drive but goes in reverse can someone please give me some good advice