and they stated my valve cover gasket , 3 & 6 coil were bad but I needed to replaced all 6, and the oil house gasket and the cooler gasket were leaking. I fixed the valve cover gasket, replace #6 coil and oil housing gasket & cooler gasket. . I pick up my car and when I started. its shaking and it appears that it is skipping? Do I need to check all the coils or my spark plugs or Do I need to take it back to the mechanic. running rough.

After high acceleration, low oil pressure warning came on and engine cut off. No start, engine cranks but no start. What are the possible causes ? Blown engine?

Replaced my rear brakes the other day and thought I smelled gas in the drivers side wheel well. Then last night my grandson was sitting behind the drivers side seat and said he smelled something chemical. Probably the same issue. Can you remove the rear seat to get to the gas tank connections to check for leaks?

and when you go up a steep hill it feels like it is skipping ,what do you think the problem is?

homelink won't program

My keys keep turning in the door

using premium gas. have 80k miles.

Some one may have tride to break in the car how can I reset the secerty and start the car

I just moved to the Bay Area from Atlanta. Georgia only required a rear license plate. As a result, I don't have a front license plate bracket on my car. The California DMV gave me both a front and a rear plate. Do I have to put it on? If so, how do I do it without wrecking my front bumper? Who is going to be good at installing a front license plate bracket - a mechanical shop or a body shop?

We changed my front brake pads and my car is still alerting to change them. Just need to know how to reset after brake change.

My BMW 525i is about to take a 2500 mile road trip. It was last in the shop 2-3 months ago for routine service. Should I do anything special to get it ready for a long, hot drive?