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Bmw 525i needs a new catalytic converter; how much is an estimated cost to fix it?
can i reduce bmw radiator fan speed with car manual if its possible how
there is a choice between a 9v battery saver and a 12 volt battery saver.
i have just installed new brake pads all around i still have brake squealing noise what is the best rotor and pads recommended
how do i reset seatbelt restraint and increased emissions light i alredy took it to shop they said there was nothing wrong with car and dealer wants 2600 hundred to reset i think thats a joke if anyone knows of good s...
Do I have to remove the housing of the whole lamp to replace the halo or marker lamp on my 05 BMW 525i ?
My i drive screen was blurry-- now it just has vertical lines-- am I going to have to replace it? How expensive is it?
i just bought a 05 bmw 525i which has 110000.00 mile there is no problem except there is hard noise form the hood when i am driving the car , just wondering its because of HP or there is something wrong with my car
How do I reset the oil change mileage after oil change?
my car is a 2005 31,000 miles.doesnt crank, battery tested, a spare car key tried,brake foot pedal switch checked ok.What could be?
Can someone diredt me to where the fuse for the cruise control is located?
How do I reset the front brakes service light or sensor? How do I reset the oil light after I get a oil change?
how do i ck transmission fld level on 2005 bmw 525i?