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2001 525i code51
Car shifts and no slip but when clutch is depressed to the floor makes a terrible racket.
when we're driving at night the high beams flicker on and off. when we shut the car off the high beams still go on and off throughout the night. thinking maybe a short. I have no owner manual
Check engine indicator light is on. I thought I was out of fuel as was running on fumes. When I added more fuel the next day it ran fine for 15 mins then the same thing happened.
Central locking system works, but I can't open drivers side door from the outside.
Allof my doors unlock with key. However, when I try to open drivers door it will not open.
The central locking systems is working but I've noticed that when I unlock the doors with the key the interior lights don't come on until I open the door. Any suggestions.
I drained it off and it still smoke can I let the car run until it clear out because I no that its on the spark plugs. HELP!
The passenger side rear shock is missing the bolt/screw and rubber gasket behind it.
We just got the car two days ago only has had two owners 140,000 miles only one accident hit motorcycle maintance record look great on read out given two us by dealer.
I have replaced this 3 times. Is it possible the wheel needs to be replaced since it will not hold the center cap? Is this a solution to fix it without replacing it?