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As soon as I installed the lights in the trunk a fuse blow. My navigation not working nor glove box and trunk lights. Can someone tell me the fuse that's blow? I don't want to pull 50 fuses to find the one
Radiator fan is working, heater not working. No external cooling leaks.
When coming to a stop. I get a jerking motion think it might be coming from the transmission.
2006 BMW 330i will not start at all!! My illustration on my panel has been showing a picture of a car refering to underneath my vehicle for sometime but i never paid it anymind. what it might be?
it came on at the same time as the abs lights. The abs light were fixed but the tire light is still on
The car start to jump frequently when I'm on a red light or stopped anywhere and it does it even more when the ac is on
My car was recently in a flood off 45 hwy and my tire blew out ,I have run flats, I think I hit a pothole, but not only did my tire blow out but the dash light came on brake, tire, and engine, they say the air filter ...
is there a recall concerning the 2006 330 mi steering column. My car will not crank.
The night before gave someone a jump, I am unsure if that had anything to do with it.. On a tight budget
I just had all of my ignition coils replaced. Afterward I began to smell what seemed to be burning oil while driving. The smell stopped and now there is a ticking noise coming from the engine. Could having the coils r...
After driving on the interstate for an hour the overheating signal comes on and the car dies. The first time it happened I had it towed to a shop and they looked at it the next morning and found nothing wrong. The s...
how do i reset the water pump
its in failly good condidtion the water pump was recently replaced. This is the first time a problem like this has occurred.