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Could this be fuel filter alone or fuel pump? It did similar a few days before where I was driving and car lost power, went I to safe mode, quit then would not start. After being towed home, it started the next d...
As soon as I installed the lights in the trunk a fuse blow. My navigation not working nor glove box and trunk lights. Can someone tell me the fuse that's blow? I don't want to pull 50 fuses to find the one
my car hasn't been on for nearly 2 weeks and i finally got it to start but now i have a transmission cog/ traction control/ brakes/ engine management light
the car is stuck won't move i got advice to replace my starter and i did the car gives me a tick and nothing else it has a new starter, alternator and battery
my car has been giving me endless problems recently i replaced the alternator with a higher amp 90-120amps put new belts now the car won't crank i put in a rebuilt starter still no crank any possibilities? it has a ne...
Radiator fan is working, heater not working. No external cooling leaks.
Well in a 1/4 of a mile I ran my BMW 330i to 6000rpm. And it started leaking once I pulled in my drive way. What is the case of the leak? It is leaking below the engine. Is it a hose that came off?
Not sure if I hit something affect the security system If yes, how do you reset the system ?
When coming to a stop. I get a jerking motion think it might be coming from the transmission.
feels heavy when driving, replaced fuse keeps on blowing it out as soon as I turn on the car.
Hi how are you , in my car bmw 330i I can't reset the oil service light I try so many times It's going more than5200 km
2006 BMW 330i will not start at all!! My illustration on my panel has been showing a picture of a car refering to underneath my vehicle for sometime but i never paid it anymind. what it might be?
My BMW 535d seems to be having power issues. While driving the computer fails... I loose all systems... Auto trans, steering, brakes, tire monitor, GPS etc. Sometimes all the lights flash. I need to pull over and res...
it came on at the same time as the abs lights. The abs light were fixed but the tire light is still on
I put a battery in it and tryed to turn key everything works lights stereo but car does not turn over it ran fine when I parked it
What could be the cause of extremely high fuel consumption (5.9 mpg)right after having new Mass Airflow Sensor installed on a 2003 BMW 330i with 134, 000 miles...?
How much will cost me to replace the rear differential mounts, labor + parts...?
2003 330i about 135K mostly highway. Pulsating noise on right side of engine at idle. Unable to determine if inside engine. Service Engine light on. No noticeable loss of power detected. Recent burnt oil smell but...
It was driving fine I parked it and came back to turn it on and car will fire up be at a low idle and than turn off quick , after I did that a couple times car doesnt turn on at alll now
it happens every now and then. wat could cause this strange behavior
Could it be the starter ignition coil ? I don't have a spare key to try
This just started last night but still won't go back on.