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Well in a 1/4 of a mile I ran my BMW 330i to 6000rpm. And it started leaking once I pulled in my drive way. What is the case of the leak? It is leaking below the engine. Is it a hose that came off?
How much will cost me to replace the rear differential mounts, labor + parts...?
It was driving fine I parked it and came back to turn it on and car will fire up be at a low idle and than turn off quick , after I did that a couple times car doesnt turn on at alll now
it happens every now and then. wat could cause this strange behavior
Could it be the starter ignition coil ? I don't have a spare key to try
This just started last night but still won't go back on.
Brake light comes on dash, and stay on until I stop car and turn off key, then drive again for a short bet and it Happen the same???? Replace front speed sensors, did not help please help, bmw4me
can you tell me why cruse is not working and how much it will cost to fix?
the car turns off by it sefl after a long time in drive, the accelerator also goes up by itself when I am at a stop, so ist really the gasket?
I think its taking on air but from where and how much does it cost to fix?
I've added Antifreeze 3 times already only for it to leak out. I was told to add a "sealant" with the Antifreeze? I don't know where to put it? Do I put the Antifreeze in the resorvoir and at the same time pour in ...
It's been over 100 degrees in Denver/Boulder for the last week. We have been turning on the AC for the car but a few days ago, the light for the coolant level came on while driving and we got to the gas station and it...