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It's not leaking allot, but my mechanic said, it does need to be replaced.
HELP STRANDED battery removed from car for 2 months December January 2013/4 reinstalled same battery YESTERDAY at full charge BUT ALL ELETRICS DEAD? CHCKED TRUNK 200 AMP FUSE OK? WHAT CAN I CHECK / RESET ELECT...
I added coolant and it only took 12 ounces. Light went out but came back on after 50 miles. No visible leaks.
service engine light has been off and on for about a year.
air conditioner not blowing cold air
I'm considering purchasing a 2005 BMW Ci coupe and wondered if the cost of repair would be significantly higher for a BMW vs a Volkswagon Passat Sport?
My BMW overheted, I stoped the car and check all Cooling area, Radiator Recovered tank termotat unit house etc, I did found a broken, house, a recovered tank cracked and the termotat unit defected. Ireplace all the ab...
Is this common on a car with just 32000 miles on it and not driven hard, never even had brakes replaced they are still like new