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Reads -40 and heater doesnt work right have to turn on defrost for heat
I recently took my car to the shop for oil change and they forgot to put enough oil( it was only two Quarts of oil). Now since then I heard some noises from the motor and the ENGINE LIGHT came on, now I took it back ...
My cars engine cooling fan has stopped working, when opening the hood it smells burnt and it eats my antifreeze in one day. Was wondering how much it would cost to replace with an aftermarket fan would be put in.
Just started leaving fluid on ground quite a bit when car is running.
a gear sign showed on the dashboard a year ago but when I turn off the car and put it on again it goes. I took it to the transmission specialist they drove the car and he told me my transmission is perfect. but when t...
The Idle air system is bad and the Camshaft sensor just bought the car //How much is it to repair these items or should I returned it to the owner and let them repair it I have a BMW 330ci Thank you
Its just covered 52000 miles and thought it was quite odd. Took it to a respected garage and they said it could be the head gasket. Is it common for head gaskets to leak after 52000 miles or could it just be the Valve...
side pulling car to right, brake light will come on. After turning car off for a while it will reset. We have ahd brake sensors and speed sensors replaced, new brake job, but issue still remains? Any ideas to the cause?
It's not leaking allot, but my mechanic said, it does need to be replaced.
I couldn't pass smog and one of the codes was P0707. I would like to know where this sensor is so I can replace it.
HELP STRANDED battery removed from car for 2 months December January 2013/4 reinstalled same battery YESTERDAY at full charge BUT ALL ELETRICS DEAD? CHCKED TRUNK 200 AMP FUSE OK? WHAT CAN I CHECK / RESET ELECT...
don't want to change transmission if I don't have to.
Took to a garage and they took the valve cover off found no problems, changed the oil pressure sensor and the filter canister did not fix the problem . Now the want to take the bottom pan off and look for concerns. Me...
Since couple days ago when I turn on the a/c, the passenger and the driver seats gets hot without having the heat for the seats on. Can anybody help or have any idea how can this be fixed? Thank you!
the fuel pump and filter has been changed along with the mass air flow sensor. just picked it up from repair shop and it did it again. it starts right up again.
I added coolant and it only took 12 ounces. Light went out but came back on after 50 miles. No visible leaks.