the front lower control arms are worn and i want to be sure i order the correct parts. they ask for body code?

Flashing red oil light in stop and go traffic. Oil level is good. Oil does need to be changed.

entire fan assembly kit is $500. this model was recalled for the same thing but my vin doesnt come up. Is there anyway to replace just the sensor to power the fan?

the radio working normal ,but the buttons on the steering wheel are off ,i think no power reaching them ,,if there a fuse which responsible for them tell me the number

About a month ago it seems like it started running in a lower gear and I hear a high running fan sound. Horse power seems less too . Mostly noticeable at low speeds when the car should be in first or second gears anyway.

Less than 24 hours ago I paid roughly 2k to have my entire coolant system replaced and after driving less than 30 miles my SES light came on and stays on with no notable difference in the performance of the car. I can't get the codes read due to it being a holiday but I need a little hope that the light isn't indicating with certainty that I am about to spend every penny I own on repairs.

disconected battery ran code 2.0 after setting code 19 on still no good

1st thought it needed a new battery - car repair put in new battery - still nothing. Recommend taking to dealer as they said the computer is not responding?? Any ideas?

There was a EML problem with close and open the top. The closing light keep try to close all night. so the battery is dead now I try to change the battery I can't open the trunk no power

Vehicle overheated due to upper radiator hose leak. Replaced hose and thermostat. Refilled cooling system and now vehicle gets to operating temp, stays there for 5-10 minutes until electric cooling fan kicks in and then temp goes up. Checked the electric fan and found it was pushing air out rather than pulling it into engine compartment. No idea why the polarity would be reversed. Any ideas?

even replaced hoses from Mass airflow back to throttle body which they had cracks.

When you turn the ignition to start the engine it wont turn over it just clicks.

my emergency light are turning on by them selves, at times they don't want to turn off... please help!

Switch might be prob, not sure.
It doesn't roll up all the way, stays down about 2 inches from top.
Not sure if motor is going out or the switch is bad. Are there any trouble shooting methods to determine.
Dealership wants to much..
Please advise

wondering if there is some kind of sensor that overrides the heater/ a/c operation with the top down? I like to be able to blast some a/c when its a little too hot or heat when its chilly.

Reads -40 and heater doesnt work right have to turn on defrost for heat

it is an intermittent problem

I recently took my car to the shop for oil change and they forgot to put enough oil( it was only two Quarts of oil). Now since then I heard some noises from the motor and the ENGINE LIGHT came on, now I took it back and they told me I have missfire, so they gave these codes PO300, 1344, 1347, 125, 306, 301, 1350, 302. Now they said that it has nothing to do with the motor running low in oil. So I would like to know if it's true or what can I do in this case??? Thank you for your time...