About a month ago it seems like it started running in a lower gear and I hear a high running fan sound. Horse power seems less too . Mostly noticeable at low speeds when the car should be in first or second gears anyway.

disconected battery ran code 2.0 after setting code 19 on still no good

1st thought it needed a new battery - car repair put in new battery - still nothing. Recommend taking to dealer as they said the computer is not responding?? Any ideas?

Fluid on ground when car is running .

Just started leaving fluid on ground quite a bit when car is running.

Took to a garage and they took the valve cover off found no problems, changed the oil pressure sensor and the filter canister did not fix the problem . Now the want to take the bottom pan off and look for concerns. Mechanic said the engine looks great so far. I'm confused and running out of cash, I do know the car runs great no leaks,no over heating. Looking for some direction Thanks

the fuel pump and filter has been changed along with the mass air flow sensor. just picked it up from repair shop and it did it again. it starts right up again.

The dealer replaced them at 50,000 miles (not under warranty) and I'm now told at 63,000 miles and 18 months later, they are close to needing replacement again? Have never noticed the clunk others describe and I'm skeptical.

how do i know if a shock is bad

what cause dsc p/brake lights to stay on also sometimes when come a stop you will here a winding sound and car will struggle to move

what cause of dsc and p/brake staying on also a winding sound some times and car will struggle to move

sometime vehicle will struggle to move

what major repairs should I be anticipating and an estimate of the costs involved.

Engine shut down while I was on highway with 1/4 tank of gas. Then would not crank. Emergency Response put in 1 gallon of gas & it started. Went and put in Premium gas + octane booster. Was fine for a few weeks. Now starts up, but won't remain running. Cuts off almost immediately. Has 3/4 Premium gas in tank. Check Engine light on. Could this be crank sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump, or something else?