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Reads -40 and heater doesnt work right have to turn on defrost for heat
Since couple days ago when I turn on the a/c, the passenger and the driver seats gets hot without having the heat for the seats on. Can anybody help or have any idea how can this be fixed? Thank you!
My brakes were changed in August of 2011.
2002 bmw 330ci. vehicle bucks and jerks
Recently had brakes done and the sound was there prior to that. Breaks were squeaking and still do a bit. We were told that the bushings would need replacing soon. Any connection?
the other day i jump started a car. i reversed out of my driveway pulled up to the other car, hooked up the jumper leads up and started it. my mate took both leads of the other car first and accadently shorted out. i ...
My glove box latch is broken and my trunk latch won't work, either by key FOB or latch near hood release. Since both are electronic, will the glove box not working effect the trunk latch. Thanks.
02 BMW 330CI ac fuse # 28 blows constantly. Replaced the final stage resistor and still pops the 5 amp fuse. What else could cause it to blow? AC compressor is working fine. AC cools when fuse is intact.
BMW dealer says rear brakes need replacement. Wants to charge $450. I hear no noise from brakes and am wondering whether the pads can be replaced and not the disks. What's the real scoop?
The top was open and it only came up half way and stopped. When I turned the engine off it went back down. Now it won't do anything and the red light at the switch is blinking.
Symptoms: My car's brain is signalling a continuous warning to my dash, indicating that my trunk is open. The convertible top will not operate if the trunk is open, so it's stuck in the down position and the rains...