Call won't start battery ok

Is there a difference between the two? The dealer also said I needed to replace the oil pan gasket because they found an engine oil leak - is that a necessary repair at this time, or can I just do the valve cover stuff now and the oil pan gasket later?

Also got a new battery what is it now?

It is an automatic. Once it is in the 2nd gear it has no problems.

Drives fine once it is in 2nd gear.

What is the fuse number for speedometer in 2007 bmw 328I

what needs to be checked in order to get the service engine light to go off?

I suspected water in the gas, but the problem still exists. Spark plugs have been replaced. The diagnostic tool pulled up these three problems, only.

how much is a window regulater replacement

I have replaced the lamp and the socket that the lamp goes into 6 times sine 2008. There are black burn marks on the contacts the fit into the headlight assembly. I replaced the lamp and the socket yesterday and the turn signal does not work.

is it smart to change still do a drain and fill at the mile range or is it better to just go with the fluid it has