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What should I expect to pay
When I stop at drive mode, the car appears like it wants to accelerate. The RPM needle moves a little. Two trusted car repair shops told me they have no idea what it is. The computer is not showing any issues.
How do i get an estimate for this
The light continue to stay on after shutting the car off. The light will not go off, stays orange and it drains my battery so I know something is still on and will not shut off. When the light on the Push/Start button...
Also Push/start button stats on and kills battery, what causing it not to completely shut off. Other then the misfire, I need to figure out if the computer need to be reset or is it a simple problem?
I've put fuel in but nothing. A different friend said something about the clutch and starter needing to be replaced now. I don't trust what he says. Never had a problem with either one of them before. I think it might...
Hello, when I put in my pressure (accordion plastic) hose. It feels loose. It has that weird plastic circle fittings. Does anyone know how to secure/ tighten
Yesterday I hit the curb with my right front tire...a light has come on in my dash. It is green in color and looks like a shapely woman...does anyone know what this might be.? Thanks
changed coil pack on cyl 3 too cyl 2 failed then changed spaked plugs failed
oil and filter change done by dealer 12 months ago using Castrol systhetic oil. Since then, we have driven only 1600 miles, wondering if I should now change the oil even with such low mileage?
I even replaced the driving shifter and still has the same problem.
i tried holding down the button but it open partially i checked fuses