I'm wondering how I can tell if its the bushing or the cv boot or if the whole left front axle assembly. I'd like to know more before I visit my mechanic.

After 1800 RPM whent acelerated needle go up and down engine Eml and center light on

my heat does not come on sometimes and then shuts on and off.

When stopped at red light or in idle position the car shakes.

Call won't start battery ok

is hitting plastic shroud and I see pieces of a belt and is running hot can anyone tell me what this might be

The diagnostic and to install a new fuel filter cost, if I was to check you guys out.. I see you guys are pretty from where I live..

Is there a difference between the two? The dealer also said I needed to replace the oil pan gasket because they found an engine oil leak - is that a necessary repair at this time, or can I just do the valve cover stuff now and the oil pan gasket later?

I have been putting in Premium since day 1 but would it matter if I didn't?

IM trying to locate the AUX connector to replace

When im going on low speeds it stalls

I'd never botherd checking to replace my gas fuel filter. I Bought it used 2010 328i.. So I was wondering if I should look into replacing that part if needed?



Also got a new battery what is it now?

I bought my car new and yes it has very low mileage but what's the deal. They say the air bag has something to do with it but the bottom line is the computer something or other has to be replaced and will cost $750

I have checked the fuses, one each left and right, and I already installed new bulbs. I'm not getting power to either bulb housing. And all other lights work throughout the car? I have only checked the fuse panel under the hood, is there another under the dash? either side? Thanks

It is an automatic. Once it is in the 2nd gear it has no problems.

Drives fine once it is in 2nd gear.

Loose when I hit a bump

The key just turns in it. My bf went to take it out but is having problems. Please help

What is the fuse number for speedometer in 2007 bmw 328I

It was running great before it was parked 8 months ago.

My key is missing the chip in it. Unable to start the car. Starter was replaced only to find out that wasnt the problem. Windows and lights work but when trying to start the car, no clicking sound can be heard. Now im pretty sure the car is in kill switch mode. And i am told the key needs to be replaced since the chip is gone.

the car got into an low speed accident so the door needs to be replaced

what needs to be checked in order to get the service engine light to go off?

Sound coming from rear end when or at end of each gear shift

need to reset the onboard computer

I was told it could have a small leak from the turbo seals going into exhaust causing it to blow out a small cloud of white smoke at the first start of the day. The speed of my car is fine, no lights have come on, it was the cloud of smoke that caught my attention.

Icon in little car showed washer fluid and still stayed after filling. And also shows icon of light bulb out in back tail light and they all work