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I have replaced the brake light switch,re-grounded the bulb circuit board,replaced brake light bulbs they are still intermitting.I am trying to find the brake light relay......
problem just occurred june/8/14. window will not go up.
sometimes its the oil light, and the tranny light. the next time its the abs and temp.. driving me crazy... is this the computer or is the car needing a lot of work
wife left the light on and the battery died. I took battery out to charge. Car starts with spare key but not with the key with the alarm on it. AAA said i needed to reset the anti- theft but they did not know how???
I have a 2000 328i. I have had it since October 5th. Recently my headlights and right turn signal have been blinking. We thought it was the alternator but that wasnt it. My engine revs up when it is idle. Soon after m...
I turned engine on and it just revved 3times as if someone had stepped on the gas and gave it a lot of gas. I turned it off immediately and haven't moved it since. Thank God it was on "P" parked otherwise it would hav...
Engine light came on the dash when I checked with the scanner got the code p1470.
I am told I will need to reseal oil filter housing (Vanos line leaking). How much should I expect to pay for the repair?
i look on the ground and see oil spots, i have to put oil in at least once a month . when im driving the car the smell of oil filters in the car
with a partial circle and an arrow pointing left appear on the dash. The car when I brake hard has fluttering (not from the rotors) and I was wondering what the potential problem could be? 2011 BMW 328i 17k
It occurs at speeds above 50mph when the brakes are applied it has a slight vibration in the steering wheel also.Should I have my brakes and rotors checked?
Had intake boot replaced. Still makes noise periodically. Doesn't affect driving/engine performance.
I also heard there is a kit that you buy online often needed on top of replacing radiator? My son loves this car but im afraid it's going to turn into a money pitt:(
fan fails to turn on and car overheats