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I understand the flushing the entire system will harm your transmission. Therefore, how many quarts of fluid can I expect to extract from removing the pans and drain plugs? Do I need to drain and refill multiple to ma...
not to mix with wrong type is it synthetic or conventional?
How do I check if I am getting fire.
When I accelerate the is a click clack sound cominig from the left rear wheel
PO306, PO121, and PO133. I have done a bit of research on those 3 codes. The car seems to run fine but I do not drive it anymore because I think the clutch went out. Would I be able to get a code that is specific for ...
My convertible top want go down until this is set. Do you have any advise for me?
I replaced head gasket, Radiator, thermostat and hoses. my car is still over heating, My clutch fan is in working action.It seems it could be my water pump, but yet it is circulating water flow, the only thing I am th...
need to replace brake light bulbs; what type do i need?
Heavy rains for 2 days due to Tropical Storm Issac in north Alabama; trunk mat is damp (not soaked); where could water be leaking in? and what suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks so much for your help.
i cant get my in side heater fans to stay on it turns on for a while then shuts off need help please
i found the other two sensors at the wheels
key just spins in the ignition and won't crank
My fan motor takes 10 minutes to start working when cold. The colder the longer it takes to start. Sometimes colder than zero I have to shut it off wait 5 minutes then try it again. Summer it seems to be OK. Final sta...