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I could be driving with my heater on then all of a sudden I will lose my heater so I turn my car off then on again and I will have heater again whats the problem?
I had defroster on and a burnt plastic smell started coming out
Car now has 94K miles. Seemed to occur after an extreme cold spell that was so cold my car wouldn't turn over without a jumpstart
Could this have been damaged when my transfer case and rear drive shaft were replaced under warranty?
I went to my car one morning and it wasn't starting I then realized it was the. Brake switch so then I repaired it and drove it for 2 days then it didn't start again I'm getting all power in my car everything works ju...
the light just illuminated today after i had not driven the car for about 2 weeks is this serious and do i need to get the brake system all checked
I just purchased my BMW 325xi. I know the chassis number is E-90, but I don't have the Engine designation for the 3.0. I haven't been able to find it. Can you help??
A couple weeks ago I took my car for an oil change and the next day when turmning on my car the car started shaking, trembeling and car would turn off when came to a complete stop. So I took it in again, they said it...
Both front tires need changing. One shop adds $100 to the quote for alignment. Another doesn't. Is alignment necessary? Thank you.
Just trying to figure out what I need to know in order to make a decision on repair. Thank you.