Small leak varies from time size to a quarter.

I bought this 2002 325i and would like to know what the M/S +/- near the drive on the gear shifter stand for

Started after I ran errands came home went out to leave a hour later an it started went few feet shut off started again acts like it isn't getting gas have 3/4 tank of gas.

Almost home a lot of warning lights came on? lost headlights, wipers, electric windows. etc. Turned in driveway wouldn't climb hill.everything seemed dead but, still had interior lights when opened door?

I can restart then it will run fine. For example, I'll take off at a light and it will sputter and hesitate, then finally shift and accelerate. Once I'm going it's ok. It will keep doing this until I restart the car. It's usually after I have my car parked for a few days. Recently it's happening more often, then today it would start, but stalled when I gave it gas. We let it go for a few hours, came back, the car started right up and now drives fine. !!?? I've had it in the shop for this before, they changed a sensor, but it didn't help. The mechanics were as puzzled as I am. They couldn't get it to malfunction for a while, and nothing ever showed on the computer.

My 2002 BMW 325xi has over 100,000 miles and is consuming oil at the rate of one quart a week. There is no leak visible. My mechanic says the engine is burning it. What is happening?

I jacked the car up and changed the oil after finishing let the car down and tried to pull off but it wouldn't move. Checked all my fluids atf was low added to full line. Everything seems OK tried to go again barely moved but it sputtering when driving. What would cause that when it didn't do it prior to oil change?

warning ligh showed engine overheat - cooland was less - added more coolant and the vehicle ran good for 300 miles. Noticed cooland little low again - dealer suggest replace water pump

warning ligh showed engine overheat - cooland was less - added more coolant and the vehicle ran good for 300 miles. Noticed cooland little low again - dealer suggest replace water pump

It will start when I put starter fluid in and shuts off.

What can be the cause of that? I thought it was because I had bent rims and a bubble on one of the tires. I fixed those problems and the vibrations still persist. I also get a burning smell of rubber.

BMW 325xi 2004

In first and second gear it's really bad, but when I go faster it stops grinding. The grinding is so rough you can feel it from the inside of the car.

Same issue found trying to buy this vehicle (from 2nd owner). Must have been that way for some time as oil leak and tears at boot joints were moderate, despite owner claiming to have just had the 85k check up done, new brakes, rotors and pads put on. Not sure how they missed this or the leaking oil pan. Mechanic says that the axel(s) may also need replacing ($1500) but they won't know until they get in there. Oil pan could be cracked, or could be just the gasket leaking ($800). Again, won't know until they get in there. Thermostat is stuck open at the moment but owner would have to fix ($400) in order for car to pass smog and be sold. Decided not to buy as a result. Car is otherwise in great shape. Is that the right choice, or buy and get it fixed?

sometimes everything is ok and some other times it's like there was no more power steering at all ?? I check the power steering oil level and it's fine...does anybody have that trouble before? can somebody help me please?

I could be driving with my heater on then all of a sudden I will lose my heater so I turn my car off then on again and I will have heater again whats the problem?

fan running slow so I change fan clutch still fan goes same and still temperature goes high

coolant recovery tank replaced 1 year ago, cracked by mechanic during air filter replacement...for awhile coolant leaking I have to add some almost everyday. Shop wants to replace waterpump(its seeping) 2 belts, they are crackly looking and thermostat. They want 700 for this not including the hoses.....

My 2005 325xi has 145K miles on it. There appears to be no real guidance on the scheduled maintenances after schedule II. Would should i do? i know my car needs a flush of the anti-freeze and power steering fluid based on the color.

I had defroster on and a burnt plastic smell started coming out

Car now has 94K miles. Seemed to occur after an extreme cold spell that was so cold my car wouldn't turn over without a jumpstart