i lost my keys

Looks like some sort of air temp sensor but I dont see where it fell from. Not threaded,clipped into wiring harness on fender.

188,000 other problems(I hope). Every morning now, it just started to do this.

temp gauge goes to red ,no boiling fluid ,no fluid lose,no white exhaust or water in oil,but does lose heat in car ,and will go back to half way on gauge at the blink of the eye and have heat again ,could it be the temp sensor for the gauge

where is the oil coming from?

bought car used no owners manual.

The car is totally dead. Ignition switch will not turn any light on

its a slow daily lose of oil

The driver and passenger windows on a convertible will lower and raise when you open and close the door.

When I'm driving these windows open and close as the car hits a bump on the road. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

just yesterday a friend of my chang my hang bearing on my bmw now the car will not start. it was running fine befor he change the hang bearing

How much to replace both front struts?