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Looks like some sort of air temp sensor but I dont see where it fell from. Not threaded,clipped into wiring harness on fender.
after replacing my engine out of my 1994 bmw 325ci and now i put my engine from my 1992 bmw 325is into my 1994 convertable 325 ic,,it now won't start
188,000 other problems(I hope). Every morning now, it just started to do this.
Had transmission serviced about a month ago and the problem improved but wasn't solved. Other than that the transmission doesn't have any other mechanical problems
What else could be problem other than blown head gasket? What could be leaking oil into cooling system? No milky substance on dip stick......Thought belt was loose or water pump faulty because of a funny noise? Hoping...
The engine turns over but will not ignite. Plenty of fuel , battery is fully charged. Help please!
temp gauge goes to red ,no boiling fluid ,no fluid lose,no white exhaust or water in oil,but does lose heat in car ,and will go back to half way on gauge at the blink of the eye and have heat again ,could it be the te...
Another words I need to remove the throttle cable from the body of the vehicle.
driving along car dieds went to restart starter spins but bendix doesn't ingage the flywheel, is this a starter motor problem or ignition trouble? Please help!!
bought car used no owners manual.
don't want to get rid of car have no money , want to try to fix it myself please help, what's next and how do i do it please help
i install new lower control arms and lower control arms rear bushings. if you turn hard left car stay in that position. what could cause this problem
i have a torc converter will it fit on a stick shift fly wheel?
how hard will it b to put the torc converter on the stick shift flywheel
Is there any solution other than the $900 repair the dealer is suggesting for a new dashboard instrument panel?
My transmission wont shift whenever the car is cold
what is the proper thermostat for a 1989 bmw 325is, degrees?
The car is totally dead. Ignition switch will not turn any light on
'87 bmw enigine sometimes overloads and floods with gas, We have to bmw's doing this and are needing any help on geting the problem fixed ASAP
trying to find out what a mechanic will charge me to replace the ecm
i want to add an additive to automatic transmission on 1993 bmw 325is. i cannot find where to add liquid.