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after replacing my engine out of my 1994 bmw 325ci and now i put my engine from my 1992 bmw 325is into my 1994 convertable 325 ic,,it now won't start
don't want to get rid of car have no money , want to try to fix it myself please help, what's next and how do i do it please help
Is there any solution other than the $900 repair the dealer is suggesting for a new dashboard instrument panel?
The ABS light and triangle symbol comes on intermittantly. No noticable loss of braking ability otherwise. What are the negative outcomes, if any for ignoring the light. Could it just be a dirty sensor? Many thanks
What does CD-ready mean on the AM/FM stereo w/cassette specs? A plug-in on the receiver for a CD Player? If so, where would you mount it? I really do not want to replace the unit, but a small, add-on CD player would...
were is the dip stick for the transmission
i was leaving home and my gas pedal is not working. it is just going to the floor. the accelerator under the hood still works. what could be wrong with my gas pedal?
I think i might have an issue with the fuel pump, the car started yesterday, then died. i Started it right back up and it ran fine for a while. Then i went to start it later, it started for a few seconds, then died an...
I plan on buying this car but the guy tells me that it Runs and drives strong, but after it warms up it cuts out. he was told it needs a coil pack or cold start injector fixed is that what it is? if not what could it ...
anti theft code is needed for sound system never had codes nor did have manual when purchased car had to replace battery and not nothing will play without code
I just purchased this vehicle for $700. The motor was rebuilt in 2008. The seller informed me that the 5-speed manual is stuck in 2nd gear and the transmission will require some work. I don't understand difference ...
what would be the best parts to use for gaining power/speed? and if i put a new muffler on it what would be the best for bmws
i just bought this car about a week ago and i was drivin about 50 miles an hour and everytime i make a slight turn the left my right front wheel shakes and feels like its goin to just pop off. can you please tell me w...