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Had transmission serviced about a month ago and the problem improved but wasn't solved. Other than that the transmission doesn't have any other mechanical problems
What else could be problem other than blown head gasket? What could be leaking oil into cooling system? No milky substance on dip stick......Thought belt was loose or water pump faulty because of a funny noise? Hoping...
i have a torc converter will it fit on a stick shift fly wheel?
how hard will it b to put the torc converter on the stick shift flywheel
i want to add an additive to automatic transmission on 1993 bmw 325is. i cannot find where to add liquid.
first things first. i frikken LOVE this car... i bought it as my first car.. sure it has some problems that i cope with but doesnt seem to affect much. after i bought it there were 2 oil leaks. one from the shift shaf...
Where is the automatic transmission dip stick located on a 1993 bmw 325is
1993 BMW 325is it shifts funny randomly and rarely, usually when its time to shift into 4th it will hesitate or refuse, untill i come to a stop or floor the accelorator. it has 70,000 miles on it. the preveious owner ...
I needed to know how does a person findout when the transmission fluid is full on this car that I just have bought.