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driving along car dieds went to restart starter spins but bendix doesn't ingage the flywheel, is this a starter motor problem or ignition trouble? Please help!!
My transmission wont shift whenever the car is cold
what is the proper thermostat for a 1989 bmw 325is, degrees?
'87 bmw enigine sometimes overloads and floods with gas, We have to bmw's doing this and are needing any help on geting the problem fixed ASAP
servicing t-case unable to locate fill plug.
My car stopped running while I was pulling out from a stop sign. And will not turnover now. What is wrong??????
i have a 1987 325is that has the coolant warning light on. checked radiator/anti freeze levels, all is good.the car's temp is normal ,etc. what esle could be causing the warning light to stay on? could it be related t...
How long does a recall last, and does it only apply to the original owner? Thanks