the engine light turned on as well.?

Where is the sensor that detects the trunk open/close? The only electronics I can find is on the latch but that looks like its for the motor to open/close the latch.

i just wanna know about the code and thanks for that

won't start by the button,radio display flashes,no codes and battery is okay.

I have problems starting my car, put it on the computer and it came up as p0015 exhaust camshaft.

The anwers they are getting are how to clear service miles

radio came on and when key is in ignition and door is open it makes ringing noise to let you know key is in ignition.

We took the car to a mechanic and he reset the codes so that the check engine light would go off. When we tried to take it through DEQ again they declined it due to the OBD Sensor Status for:
Catalyst: UnReady
Evap: UnReady
02 Sensor: UnReady
The DEQ representative said that it was an easy fix and just to go to google to find out how to fix it. Easier said then done. I can't find anything on how to make them go away. PLEASE HELP???

Because your car is condition based, everytime service is due on your car, the standard scope message comes on to ensure you that the service is done and light reset to the proper future expiration date. The scope allows the technician to run a computerized test to make sure the vehicle is also electronically ok. $140

The Power steering, coolant, brake service is a flushing and reinjectment of the fluids. $250 each

The brake replacement to the rear, includes pads, rotors and sensor. $890

The fuel induction service cleans out all the black carbon in the intake of your engine. $250

a car on jacks?


Can only open driver's side door with key and not remote. All other doors will not unlock and can't be opened.

It's a 2006 BMW325i. All the other three windows still function normally. I'm wondering if there is a way I can fix it at home or will I have to take it to the dealership? Or is there a cheaper way to go around it?

Two weeks ago, after I sprayed the radiator with pressurized water from my garden hose, it FOR THE FIRST TIME started having a hard time starting. Mechanics looked for sensors the computer told them are acting up in the morning when it typically would have a problem - and they narrowed it down to 'Eccentric Camshaft Sensor [on the right side]" which they found wet. I found a strategy of avoiding start-up problems. They said that the sensor is not working fully. I found my own semi-solution: I simply turn the car on at shorter intervals (I turn the engine on at night before sleep - and I have no problem in the morning starting the car!). Could the Eccentric Camshaft Sensor be the real cause of my problem ?

i was driving with the ac on and just stop , control lights are on but no air or any sound or noise? I stop the car turn the ac on and off and atill no air. one time as I was driving the air stop but after 5 seconds continued again ?