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i checking fuses and i think i put the thermostat fuse in slot 68 - before i was around the block the thermostat light came on so i mapped everything and it looks like it should be in slot 69 can anyone confirm? i don...
Is the black box on top of the battery a fuse if not what is it thanks.
...one end. Inside the circle is a triangle with an "!" inside the triangle.
4 yrs ago had an accident where a truck backed up into my front end. Only minor external damage sustained to the hood only a smashed in grill. No damage done to headlights & fog lights. Down the road around 6 month...
The A. C. has quit working and I can smell the refrigerant inside the car.
Where is the sensor that detects the trunk open/close? The only electronics I can find is on the latch but that looks like its for the motor to open/close the latch.
i just wanna know about the code and thanks for that
won't start by the button,radio display flashes,no codes and battery is okay.
I have problems starting my car, put it on the computer and it came up as p0015 exhaust camshaft.
The anwers they are getting are how to clear service miles
radio came on and when key is in ignition and door is open it makes ringing noise to let you know key is in ignition.
We took the car to a mechanic and he reset the codes so that the check engine light would go off. When we tried to take it through DEQ again they declined it due to the OBD Sensor Status for: Catalyst: UnReady Evap:...
Because your car is condition based, everytime service is due on your car, the standard scope message comes on to ensure you that the service is done and light reset to the proper future expiration date. The scope al...