It starts getting warm.. Is this a problem ?

The radio and dashboard works.

two months ago I took in for going into gear issues. dealership filled with smg fluid and fixed a leak they said. NOW it wont go into gear at all and I found a puddle on my garage floor. could this be related to them not properly fixing the leak?

But the light comes on while the car is in Drive

codes are O2 sensor Bank 1 and 2, abs brakes and communication link malfunction

I was going in reverse, then tried to go forward and car wouldn't go forward or anymore in reverse. I then got an error code of FOM, with an exclamation point inside of the O. I shut car off and restarted and then was fine. seems to do this after I have been going in reverse. I first noticed about a week ago, then SMG seems to be clicking as if I was unlocking the doors, every ten seconds, and motors revs up slightly which at a standstill. this happened before the not being able to go forward or reverse happened. I have a sequential manual gearbox.

I changed my ready view mirror and the key alarm don't work and also the head lights take seconds to turn on now when I turn on car, it used to be instant.

DEALER KIA SAID CHANGE 2 SENSORS. Gas and ? is it hard to do myself and what is the cost approximately if done by a certified mechanic

Everytime I come to a stop, it seems to hesitate and grind to get power

The mechanic replace intake.had to take back cause all kinds of lights came on.had to be towed couldn't drive it .so,he said a piece from the intake he took off was in the intake. now I get home, it wont stay running. When he towed it and rechecked it ,he say the mass flow censor is needed. didn't need it til all this happen.