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We cannot lock the car at all as when we do it won't unlock. The hazard lights stopped working so I dont think it is a key problem. Fuse? Suggestions please.
That was just driving along pulling into my driveway then all of a sudden the headlights and the running lights just turned off all by itself did they blow out is it a fuse it was only the headlights not the tail ligh...
do you only use radiator fluid or is water ok?
Seems to have pressure on cap even when left overnight
This is an intermittent issue and surge only lasts a few seconds. What would be the cause of this?
we checked the fuses in the glove box and they are all working fine??
EML, DSC, and Brake Light (Amber) came on while I was driving and the car went into limp mode. Pulled over turned off the car and it was fine. Then it happened again the next day only when I drive far around 10-12 mil...
and my transmission is stuck in 3rd gear even in reverse no low end power. I tried disconecting battery and a code reader and no luck
Is this from a leak in the expansion tank? or is it worse?
When I turn on the car it makes "loud" cranking noises also makes the car shake and the rpm indicator on the dash board starts to slowly go down( haven't let it run for more then 10 seconds in fear of causing further ...
2 warning lights come on while driving and then turn off.
several tmes in the past my oil light came on showed in red onlly for afew second came on while driving the red oil ligt and a warning sound of some time and my das lights flashd nothing stayed on lasted only a few s...
The electrical problem casuse the following two issues: 1. BMW assist is called without being dialed 2. Windows do not go down, doors lock, ac pannel does not work, radio does respond, and interior lights do not res...
Does it really make a difference buying the original parts?