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i believe there is a leak in the power steering somewhere and can't get the car in until Monday, should I still be driving it?????
mi carro ase un ruido en el bolante cuando lo estoy manejando o cuando esta parado el carro ase un ruido nomas cuando doy vuelta
oil indicator light comes on intermittlly
could an unprogramed key affect the start of my car? had it checked out and mechanic said it was the key that was causing the no starts.
how to replace the light bulbs in the upper brake light assembly.
Apparently in this model, per BMW, 75% of the gas is in one side of the gas tank, the other 25% is moved over when the tank has used the 75%. This is done by a computer chip. When the car was 1 year old, it died wit...
When trying to start the car, it sounds like the starter clicks a few times and at the same time it seems like the electric goes on and off in synchronization with the starter clicks. The battery seems okay as all th...
For the purpose of identification iam trying to find the postion of engine number in my car. Anyone tell me where the position is? Thanks a lot.
How often should I change Spark Plugs in My 325i?
My passenger airbag light just came on ... help
I have a light on the dash that looks like a battery what is that for?
every morning i start my car stalls little to get in drive can use gas treatment for this?davyhunt6770125@yahoo.com
I have a 2003 325i and it won't turn on. The light and everything else comes on, but when i turn the key the ignition won't start. What could be the problem?
Hi, when I try to put the emergency lights on they don't work...when I push the lock button inside the car nothing happens...the keys also has a problem it's still working but is very delayed and sometimes after press...