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Does any one know how to unlock the gear this is the first time it happens to me
problem of car stalling and now this power loss after having work done to the tune of over $1900.00 never had this before they replaced, intake sensor,exhaust sensor,front brake sensor,control arm bushing,205/55/16 s...
It started with the windows radio and heater not working. My brother unplugged a plug behind radio and the windows started working.
The shop say its fuel pump but i had no problems befor i got the tune up and oil change. I have 2003 BMW 325i
The blower motor just stopped. Working and I, reading that it could be this resistor but I cannot find it.
Is the fuel filter an easy do it yourself job and where is it located
Car does not want to take gas, and moves slow up hill
They had done a general check of the car a month earlier & the fuel tank, lines etc all passed. Then I brought it in for service & told them about the smell. Then they say the fuel pump connector is leaking thru the c...
They failed to reprogram it initially, so I had to take it back in. Then a week later the back window won't go up. If I use the button for either up or down it only goes down but not like its supposed to. Like it has ...
There are no oil leaks and it is not burning oil through exhaust Any suggestions?
we were only in the car for less then 30 min... i could smell it and when my son got out if the car it was mekted and burned!
Bad vibrating sound when I turn the wheel either way ?
The windshield fluid tank was leaking after a period of being dry the tank stopped leaking when refilled. Now the spray motor has stopped working. Any suggestions?