My 2003 BMW 325i computer says "Service Engine Soon". Code reader says "left bank lean" and secondary code says "right bank lean" so would this mean I just need to replace my 2 front O2 sensors?
Thank you for any input you can give me

I had to manually crank it close, #46 amp 30 keeps blowing tried it 4 times all 4 blew soon as I put it in not sure what's up help please

Repair hours needed to replace

had car 9 mts, remote has never worked.

car was working great, drove it in to the garage and now when I turn the key, I get nothing. Lights all come on, but engine wont turn. Not the starter, or the battery

Its a 2003 bmw 318ti. I replaced complete fuel pump and housing on the right hand side. Maybe the calibration is out perhaps? If so how do I fix it?

The lube has not been changed in over 100,000 miles. Do you think changing the lube would help?

It feels like it's gonna shut down but if I turn the ac off the car doesn't shake. So I wanna know if someone can help me with some answers.