husband just did an oil change put in new spark plugs and changed the air filter. now the car service engine soon light came on and the car has lost some power it is also shaky. it was running fine before the tune up

How do I take the valve cover off

When refilling transmission fluid, how do you determine that the transmission is full and where on the transmission do you put the new fluid in

I need to replace the pump pulley. ive already bought the pulley i just wanna know how much labor is generally gonna cost me.


I forgot diagnostic code, but its explanation was "misfiring on cylinder 1".
What is most likely - bad ignition coil or bad spark plugs?

Can you tell me is there an automatic trunk opener button inside the cab of the 325i i couldn't find one

How and where can I access battery for jump-start?

I have a bad muffler like sound in my car. After it heats up it kind of stops. 1 year ago, I had all the belts changed.

What fuel injection cleaner do I use?

There is no windshield wipers fluid coming out to wash my windshield what is wrong?

This car has about 120k, it is still getting decent gas mpg, but stutters as if just running on a few cylinders. I replaced plugs and valve cover gasket about 3k ago. I can not detect any leaks in the intake and I really don't want to send the local parts guy on a vacation while I'm throwing parts at this thing. Help

Is car AWD or 2 wheel drive ?

My front dashboard light is coming but no meter gauge is working and there is no light. Even I could not see from inside that side signals is working or not.

My yellow oil light just came on, what does this mean>