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My 2001 BMW 325I's fuel gage indicator will only indicate a half tank of fuel when full. I removed the battery cable attempting to reset it, but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
My car is hard to shift to 4th gear and when i put it reverse it jumps out.
My "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Code indicates replace camshaft position sensor. Anyone know the charge for part and installation.
need torque specs 4 cyl head inline 6 overheated ue two failing electric fan motor recalled by bmw
I was told my 325i BMW had an evaporator core leak. I took it to another shop that claimed it is the hose(s) and fixed it. A month later the a/c stopped working, NOW they say it is the core. Could the leak have sudden...
Speedometer needle randomly goes from 0 to 140 regardless of the speed at which I am driving
My 325i has had a fan/blower problem for the past year or so where it will only work once in a while. when it is working it will not blow on low speed, only high. Las nite I cranked up the heat and put the front defro...
During normal oil service at Jiffy Lube, my mechanic was checking various levels and topping off. When he was checking the radiator he found oil in the water. I checked and sure enough it appears as if the engine is v...
replaced the battery and now the car will not start. what are some possible problems
The vinyl on my armrests is separating from the padding and peeling back. Can it be repaired or does it have to be replaced?
How do I replace the power steering pump myself
how to change fuel pump
where do I find fuse for cigarette lighter?
A red gear symbol indicating transmission problem comes on next to the gear select light. The manual says to shut off the engine, restart and the problem goes away. It has only happened twice in the last 2000 miles ...
when i put my key in the drivers door, it just turns right to left but doesnt unlock the door. what could this be?