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this occurs when i crank my vehicle up
I've been working this issue for some time now. I have cleaned the throttle body, idle control, replace all O2 sensors, The MAF, The MAP, cleaned the Fuel Injectors, replace the Temp sensor, replaced all air filters, ...
Sometimes when at a sitting light, the car will just cut off or it vibrates.
why does my car say-40F and it beeps all the time what does it means
My AC quit working. Freon was added but leaked out.
Brake light and traction controls lights come on and brakes lock temporarily. Eventually lights go out.
looks like u can just pop it right back on or turn it to pop back on ?
the emissions code is po 365 could it be a defective part
Both front axle boots are torn. The cost quoted to repair was $413.71. What does it mean that they are torn?
It just happened, i was driving my BMW and suddenly the engine started shaking, all the lights on the dashboard came on, and the engine stopped. Now if i start the engine it does the same.I hope you can answer my ques...
was this an update? am i missing a coolant bottle?recall?
My a/c blows cooler on the driver's side than the passenger side.
my car needed to be jump started but then was working fine for a few days when driving it around...i went on a trip and the steering became hard...the car was overheating and when i stopped to put in coolant,the batte...
Two times, in the last 15 mths, the ac / heat doesn't go on but the next day it’s fine. Last night ac was fine after 30 min in the store it was only blowing @ (?) 1/2 power then within 3 blocks full power just kicks i...
Where is the trunk release located inside the 325I, 2001 so I can get into my trunk, key works for opening the car and closing, does not work for opening the trunk.