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It just started last week. Was wondering do I need to buy another key? It takes about 15 or 20 trys before lock releases. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.
2 wire connector under hood passenger side dark green with yellow stripe and dark green black stripe i cannot figure out where to plug it in is it maybe my passenger side fog light wire is very long and reaches past h...
Garage thinks the rear control arm bushings are causing the noise but it only happens going over pothole. Noise sounds like metal hitting metal in the trunk.
I changed the battery n now the radio says code
I took my '95 325i in because the engine was "seeking idle" when cold. They replaced the air mass meter, but it soon was running even worse. Now I can only get it to stay going at a stop if I put it in park, and keep ...
My 1995 BMW 325i was currently wrecked. I want something similar because I liked the feel of how it drives, but I need something more reliable and a little lower maintenance costs. Would a Lexus be considered better t...
This is an all electric top that was replaced, but now won't collapse into storage either automatically or manually.
the problem just started this morning when I started the car drove it around 300km today but noise is still there
can you send me a pic and what is the resistance of this wire
the hose on the back of the head is leaking and I need to know if I can get to it from the top.please help me if you have replaced a hose or a fitting in the area.