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my 94 325i convertible wont start,went to start it and does nothing not even a click,it powers up but doent do anything.Any suggestions?how do i replace the starter?
trying to remove the heater core what is the best way to do this
where do you fill the power steering fluid and should you check your oil when engine is warm or cold? thanks
Just had fly wheel and starter replaced. When i got car back it now idles high and Rpm needle bounces up and down. Car sounds like it is going to cut off and battery light flashes off and on.
Started sluggishly on 2nd crank, ran fine for over an hour highway trip to work. Stoppped and went to work. Tried to start and would even turn over. Seemed like a dead battery. Got a jump and started right up and ran...
ok the car works and all it just doesn't want to start, there's a switch under the steering wheel it might be for the alarm,it was turning on fine but i think i moved it by accident because when i tried to start it it...
the radio in my bmw when powered up should ask for a code,it dosent,Also the speedometer dosent work.I checked all the common fuses,pulled the radio out to
when I open air vent on it works on high speed only.
sometimes, guages of speedometer, fuel, techometer and coolant temperature die during driving and it start working again.
my car ran fine yesterday but today it will only shift first and second then hold in second gear.what could be the problem?
replaced engine and igntion wont turn over starter or fuel pump
My BMW is an automatic but it wont shift into gear. It will shift to neutral but nothing else i.e. reverse, 1st or 2nd gear.
I just bought a 94 325i bmw and it would go in drive but not in reverse so I had the transmission filter change done on it and now it wont do anything, what is wrong?
hi,,wanted to know about my gearbox...how will i come to know that my gear box isnt performing well. as i was drivin yesterday the car was takin pains to reach the 5th gear.....don no y....wat can be the problem..... ...
hi there ,,, i want to get my gearbox oil change ....where is the gearbox located and what kind of oil should i use for best lubrication. and how to open the dash board where the stereo is located because the blower i...