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im new at this and im tryin to put it back together myself. i cant get any1 in my area to do the work i have to reassemble it from the head up
parking brake lite on brake fluid lite on,fuel guage ,temp guage,tach guage ,no reading
i have a 93 bmw 325i it was overheating so i had the thermostat changed and its still overheating what else could be making it overheat
Where is the transmission dipstick on a 93 325 I automatic transmission or how do check level or add when needed.
my car has approx 175k mi of which i put on about 10k in the year ive had it. it has run great no problems no leaks of any kind it has been an exceptional car all things considered. the other night i started out to a ...
i just replaced my thermostatic and radiator and my car started over heating again after about a month or so after I filled my raidator cause it was low
were is the ground wire located at? i have no power, windows radio, lights, ect. please help
i have no power, nothing is working, lights, radio, windows, ect please help
is it hard to replace the fuel pump on the passenger side of a 93 bmw 325i 4-dr sedan
my 325i has smoked the last three fuel pumps after running for a short period of time .the last fuel pump lasted about 20 minutes i volt tested wire at the fuel pump and it had 14 volts
sometimes the car wont start
none of my windows will go down i replace the fuse and nothing , help anybody
Checked fuel components and electrical components, ignition system, plugs and wires, even fuel injectors are all good. The internet points me to a CKP, I want to be sure before I spend more money. I am not sure where ...