To fall off just replaced the control arm bushings both sides should I go ahead an chek the strut bearing ? It only dose it when I turn left

I changed the battery and it is not even a year old but when you go to start it, it drains the battery!

It opened with the motor but now won't close. The motor for the roof is still running but Nothing is happening . The motor it is situated in the boot and with the top up you cannot access the boot. Is there an emergency pull or anyway to close it manually.

Meaning sometimes it appears to be in manual mode and will not shift up or down without manually shifting. Is there a sensor or something that is causing this?

It just started it last night Is my tran gone bad or is it a simple fix

Turns of when its worm.

My heater only blows warm air and don't get hot

1993 bmw 325i new battery was sitting up for 1 month and now wont start