1992 BMW 325i Questions

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my check engine is on the car start ok but is runing bad

How do I recharge my A/C? It's supposed to take R-12, but its not sold any longer. Do I just add the nipple adapters and recharge it? Which nipple do I use? The one on the firewall or near the radiator? Help?

My power windows won't roll down and my power sunroof wont open? It's not the fuse either unless there located in another place on the car. Help?

when i go to excellarate my car sputters and deis but it doesnt do this every time what could this mean and how can i fix this problam

what does the srs indacator light in the instrament panel mean and why is it flashing when car is on

How can I find out if my car has a mechanical clutch or a hyrdraulic clutch?

A/C & heater blow warm air!!!!

how much should it cost to replace a electronic shift control on my 1992 325i bmw

I want to change spark plugs and have been told ther were two differant engines. One is single and the other is a double ohc. How do I tell the difference as my owner manual is for a 318I?

what is the best way to find where oil leak is?I oil pump do i have to take oil pan off

my car wont stay running at a idle speed. my mechanic (who services bmw) says its not getting spark. sometimes it starts and stays running for 5mins and sometimes for 5sec.? got any ideas?

my headlights wont turn on.

check my fuses but they work fine...what can it b....need help please.

Where is the Low side of the AC system in a 1992 BMW 325

my temperature gauge goes up and down when I'm driving.
I also checked the temperature gauge after I parked my car and let the engine running. Then same thing happen. Temperature slowly reached highest point and after several minutes it goes down to normal temperature.

I checked cooling fan, coolant level and color. All of these was fine.

What possibly causes this problem?