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My brake pad warnind indicator lamp came on. I replaced the pads and rotors as well. How do you reset the warning indicator light. Does it automatically reset itself after so many miles?
The key turns all the way and doesn't start the car and the steering lock isn't working. When turning the steering wheel, one can feel the locks rubbing
I Change the light bulbs and the signal light want go off
How do you make the srs light go away?
My front power windows used to go Up and Down, but now don't work at all. Trying to find if is a electrical problem but can't find the fuses or relays. Any advise please?
I was wondering why my car smells like gas inside of it, could this be a fuel filter problem? Or what could it really be?
I have a 92 bmw 325is and just had clutch replaced 10 months ago. When I let out on the clutch with vehicle in any gear i get a chatter like the pressure plate is chattering. The shop says they think it could be the f...
A few days ago, my car stopped blowing heat out of the vents. I checked for the coolant level, it's good. I also checked my fuses as well too, they are good. I've also replaced the thermostat and bled the system. Stil...
its linking oil and coolent but i wanted to know enstamint of how much it would cost me to have someone fix it?
how much will a tune upcost me?
My 325i was working then the next day I went to turn it on and the blue light when on. So I read the manual and its says something about a code that you have to put in. The problem is that I bought it used and don't h...
car will not power fuse in block,is impact switch before this fuse? or after, and does any kind soul know its whereabouts?
Im trying to locate my fuel filter on my 1992 bmw 325i and i was wondering how hard is it to change out?
A couple of days ago i washed my 1992 bmw 325i, that night my wife drove it and she said she smelled gas she thinks then when she went to drive it later it wouldnt start. It turns over and seems like it wants to start...
i got a 92 bmw 325i manual trans, and recently ill be at a red light and go to into first gear and go to take off and the rpms wont raise as well starts putting. therefore i got back into neutral and hit the gas harde...