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i have changed the head gasket and water pump and thermostat but still overheats is there a wat to power flush the system at home? is so is there a chemical best for this .i foung ice like crystals when i did the gask...
i change the water pump and gasket because that is what the previous owner said it needed
bubbles out of radiator and i see small air like bubbles
at first they would come on work a little while but then stop. now they wont come on at all. I checked the fuse but they are all good.
How many hours does a shop typically charge when replacing a starter?
my odometer and trip stoped working is that electrical?or did something come loose? where do i start to find the problem is it on the trans? or is it a fuse? or wireing problem how can i trouble shoot that problem
how do i reset my maintenance light when i change my oil back to green?
where is my blower moter for my heat and ac?
Bought a used 1988 bmw325i and it sat for awhile before I bought it. now it wont start cold after sitting overnight. Has a new battery
How do I replace the windshield wiped motor?
I have a 87 BMW and the rear passenger window won't roll up, it's only down about 3 inches. Is there anyway to get it up? I don't need it to roll down again, I just need the window up, and am not really interested in ...
The top half of my stick shift knob just ripped off one day. Is this normal? Is this something I should superglue or are there better aftermarket products I can use?
Car has 150 compression on all cyls. hit deep water on highway. drained fluids and checked valves, all ok.Ran perfectly for @2hours and then stalled.Check eng light went on with code for o2 out of limits. Replaced sen...
How hard is it to remove the Driver's Side Door Panel; I have to get to the Driver Side Door Lock Mechanism; Driver side door will not lock properly. In order to lock the door I have to turn the key to the right and t...
The Wiper Switch sometimes is intermittant in its operation. The switch has three modes: Intermittant; low speed; and high speed. Once in awhile when I put the switch to either of these modes the wipers do not work. I...